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Zodiac Star Sign Virgo Crystal Healthy E-Book

In this day and age we all live at very fast paces. Time seems scarce, and so do all of our resources. However, what we need to understand is that it all resides within our state of mind. We can control these issues, work through them and eliminate stress. We can find natural ways to cope and become happier.

For centuries, on a worldwide scale crystals have been known for their healing powers (properties) and how they have helped to enhance personal well being. These e-books, specific to your own Zodiac star sign will help enlighten you as to which crystals to have around in order to encourage what you’re seeking in life.

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The Characteristics of a Virgo

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Mode: Mutable

Pole: Negative

Third: Individual

Half: Subjective

Symbolizes: The harvest.

Most Prominent Trait: Worry.

Favourite Phrase: Allow me to correct you

Proverb: “Life is short… and nothing is in it’s place!”

Embodiment of the individual in the world; problems of adjustment dealing with the world and others; perfection of your approach to life, development of mundane skills; ability to change to adapt to life better.

The Virgo style of expression is practical, analytical, ability for synthesis, mental, focused, likes work and projects, seeks to be of service, purity, order, cleanliness, creates order out of chaos, can be hurtfully critical.

Service, helping, self-effacing; perfectionist, always seeking to improve, efficiency; practical, functional, interested in crafts and projects; true to self in a simple, unassuming manner; reacts to defeats and setbacks by pulling back and altering approach, lacks confidence in the face of opposition; lives up to duties and responsibilities; interested in maintaining the body as a fit vehicle; diet, exercise, herbs, etc.; aware of conflicts with others, of the give and take required by life.

Virgo is a magnifier with legs that starts seeing where you finish. Virgos come to your house, and the first thing they do is to wipe their finger on the furniture, to see if it has dust. And with its sarcastic sense of humor will tell you:

- Hey, this furniture has shades-

- That is why, it’s natural state is worry. Pre-occupation.

-I’m worried, I’m worried...

If you tell them:

- There is nothing to worry about-

Virgo says:

- That worries me the most!

Virgos are very meticulous and tidy, analytical and critical, appreciates modest and useful things. Mechanical toys fascinate them as do electronic gadgets which make them spend time trying to decipher their mechanisms. They appreciate everything that makes work easier or improves their health, one of their true obsessions. A gym membership or a book on natural health are very welcome.

Gifts for Virgos: Concert tickets, theater tickets, Electronic diaries, Gym memberships. Something practical for their bedroom. A scarf. A stylish classical jacket.

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