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Zodiac Star Sign Taurus Crystal Healthy E-Book

In this day and age we all live at very fast paces. Time seems scarce, and so do all of our resources. However, what we need to understand is that it all resides within our state of mind. We can control these issues, work through them and eliminate stress. We can find natural ways to cope and become happier.

For centuries, on a worldwide scale crystals have been known for their healing powers (properties) and how they have helped to enhance personal well being. These e-books, specific to your own Zodiac star sign will help enlighten you as to which crystals to have around in order to encourage what you’re seeking in life.

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The Characteristics of a Taurus

Ruler: Venus

Element: Earth

Mode: Fixed

Pole: Negative

Third:: Primordial

Half: Subjective

Symbolizes: The House

Most Prominent Trait: Never ending patience

Favourite Phrase: I think, and then I insist!

Proverb: Life is short… Enjoy it slowly and it will last longer

Taurus are patient, very intelligent and excellent gourmets, they like everything that they can appreciate through touch, they are extremely realistic and prefer useful gifts

Gifts: Perfumes and creams. Massage oils. A tool kit. A nice candlelight dinner. A watch or a stylish daytimer. Taurus, when he walks, does not raise a foot if the other foot is not on the ground

That is why, rather than walk, it creates history with each step. Aries jumps from the diving board without looking, and Taurus, before jumping of the diving board, needs to know the name of the builder, materials used, capability of the water and the degrees of temperature. Aries acts with determination in life, and Taurus with stubbornness. Aries wants to be obeyed by everyone, and Taurus has infinite patience to wait for others to change their minds. Therefore their relationship could be the following:

They ask Taurus who is 10 meters away: Come here! That is determination

To which Taurus replies No!

- Going two steps forward Come here...!

- Taurus: (without moving) No!

- Going two steps forward Come here...!

-Taurus: (without moving) No!

- I like it that you come where I tell you to!

Grounding, bringing down to earth; constancy, steadiness, fixedness; spirit becoming embodied, entering matter, taking on a form; a vessel or container for spiritual forces.

Earthy, grounded, in touch with the body; sensual, pleasure seeking; stubborn, fixed, stands their ground; focuses and concentrates energy, gives it concrete expression, practical, provides stamina and persistence; slow, steady, methodical; fertile, productive; unreflective, content to simply be; spirit becoming involved with the material world.

The Taurus style of expression is solid, dependable, loyal, slow moving, relies on own efforts, sensual, builds lasting results “step by step”, seeks to create comfortable environments, strong values, can be stubborn.

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