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Zodiac Star Sign Capricorn Crystal Healthy E-Book

In this day and age we all live at very fast paces. Time seems scarce, and so do all of our resources. However, what we need to understand is that it all resides within our state of mind. We can control these issues, work through them and eliminate stress. We can find natural ways to cope and become happier.

For centuries, on a worldwide scale crystals have been known for their healing powers (properties) and how they have helped to enhance personal well being. These e-books, specific to your own Zodiac star sign will help enlighten you as to which crystals to have around in order to encourage what you’re seeking in life.

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The Characteristics of a Capricorn

Ruler: Saturn

Element: Earth

Mode: Cardinal

Pole: Negative

Third: Universal

Half: Objective

Symbolizes: The Mountain

Most Prominent Trait: Thinks he is indispensable.

Favourite Phrase: What would you be without me?

Proverb: Life is short Thank goodness it is steep!

Capricorn is a goat, and the goat always return to the mountain

If you see a Capricorn throwing himself from the tenth floor, Follow him!, he is heading up. He believes in effort more than in luck, and that makes him a heavy parent.

Capricorns are introverted and impulsive. Shy and insecure, they have an ambitious, cold, melancholic profile but are affectionate. Spirit's attempt to bring about the perfect society, to create heaven on earth; making practical, efficient connections with others on the physical plane; ambitious, feels pride in accomplishments; concern with truth, reality, "hard facts"; relationship to authority. Serious, determined, disciplined, focused; needs to play more; fathering, disciplining love; authority figures; seeks certainties in life, wants things "cast in concrete"; the Businessman, concerned with the practical relationships to support yourself within society; not interested in "blue sky" ideas, needs to bring theory into concrete reality; "knowing the rules and playing the game"; making a niche in the world.

The Capricorn style of expression is realistic, goal-oriented, sensible, ambitious, accepts responsibility, socially aware, values reputation and integrity, seeks successful outcomes, can be opportunistic.

They love original items that are useful for the future; they are very practical and show solidarity.

Gifts: A music CD. Chocolates, that makes them happy. Jewellery, especially ostentatious ones. Fashionable clothing. Relaxation gadgets. Gym clothing.

To be happy a Capricorn has to be in control of everything, otherwise he gets very annoyed.

There was a Capricorn priest, who was dying and in his agony was telling the nuns that were looking after him:

- What will happen to you when I die, who will look after you,

One of the nuns who was a Leo, exclaimed:

- Do not worry your Holiness Christ also died and we have survived.

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