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Zodiac Star Sign Cancer Crystal Healthy E-Book

In this day and age we all live at very fast paces. Time seems scarce, and so do all of our resources. However, what we need to understand is that it all resides within our state of mind. We can control these issues, work through them and eliminate stress. We can find natural ways to cope and become happier.

For centuries, on a worldwide scale crystals have been known for their healing powers (properties) and how they have helped to enhance personal well being. These e-books, specific to your own Zodiac star sign will help enlighten you as to which crystals to have around in order to encourage what you’re seeking in life.

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The Characteristics of a Cancer

Ruler: Moon.

Element: Water.

Mode: Cardinal.

Pole: Negative.

Third: Primordial.

Half: Subjective.

Symbol: The sea.

Most Prominent Trait: Sentimental insecurity.

Favourite Phrase: I feel, therefore I am.

Motto: Life is short... at least let someone love you.

Nurturing, supportiveness, belonging, emotional bonds; your roots, source, ground of your being; the unconscious, feelings, emotion; the Great Mother, Universal Womb; spirit's first emotional attachments to the world.

Mothering, emotional and physical nurturance; experiences and imprinting during infancy and childhood; family, ancestors, heritage, relationships to the past; belonging, feeling “at home”; maternal love, caring; feeling supported by the world, that your needs are provided for; insecurities and fears if your needs haven't been fulfilled; possessiveness, "twisted love", inability to nurture others are negative expressions.

The Cancer’s style of expression is aware of personal feelings, sensitive to emotions and mood changes, seeks security, protective, clingy, family oriented, can be self-absorbed in moods without considering the feelings of others.

Initially, they do not trust you at all; you have to earn it by love and kindness. And tell them a thousand times that you love them because a Cancer, beyond being sentimental, is an emotional vampire and all the love in the world seems to little to them.

When you tell them:

- I love You -

and Cáncer asks:

- How much?

And you say:

- From here to the Stars.

- Cancer will continue with: what about the other galaxies?

Cancer people are very shy, and a t the same time very close, their home is their refuge, they are sweet and romantic, they always appreciate details more than a present in itself.

If you are looking for a gift for cancer, look for something for their home. An intimate dinner prepared by you in the intimacy of the home. Ornaments, Esther for the home or office. Framed photographs. Flowers.

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