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Zodiac Star Sign Aries Crystal Healthy E-Book

In this day and age we all live at very fast paces. Time seems scarce, and so do all of our resources. However, what we need to understand is that it all resides within our state of mind. We can control these issues, work through them and eliminate stress. We can find natural ways to cope and become happier.

For centuries, on a worldwide scale crystals have been known for their healing powers (properties) and how they have helped to enhance personal well being. These e-books, specific to your own Zodiac star sign will help enlighten you as to which crystals to have around in order to encourage what you’re seeking in life.

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The Characteristics of an Aries

Ruler: Mars

Element: Fire

Mode: Cardinal

Pole: Positive

Third: Primordial

Half: Subjective

Symbolizes: The Spark.

Most Prominent Trait: Impetuosity

Favourite Phrase: Fantastic!

Motto: Life is short... Hurry!

Unbridled expression of your inner nature; activity that is self-motivated, unaffected by others; new beginnings, the start of new cycles, birth; enthusiasm and vitality.

Aries is aggressive, willful, powerful, assertive; enthusiastic about whatever interests you at the moment, focused in short bursts, unlikely to sustain interest in the long term; ego expression; adventurous, pioneering;

The Aries style of expression is excited, bold, daring, independent, energetic, seeks to discover self through experiences, competitive, confronts, quick temper, innocent, feisty, amorous, eager, can be selfish.

Aries has a warrior-type energy; impatient with having to cooperate with others, works best alone or in leadership role; unconcerned with approval or acceptance; lacks persistence and stamina; honest and forthright, "what you see is what you get", not given to airs or pretenses; the first expression (or incarnation) of spirit within a new cycle on the physical plane.

Aries never thinks ahead, just in case someone beats him. That is why, when he swims, he goes in head first, if someone gets there at the same time, at least he beats him by a head: First...!

Aries moves from heart to action without reflecting: jumps off the diving board and half way up, discovers that the pool has no water, so what??

He does not have the word defeat in his vocabulary, after falling he gets up with cynicism and dignity and exclaims:

- Hey, change your water, it is getting solid!-

Generally an Aries is a person with a great body, strong and sporty; they are leaders and always want to attract the limelight.

Aries likes to receive sports apparel, outfits that highlight their figure, non conventional presents and original items.

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